Lia Kemendi, a professional ballet dancer, experienced fashion/runway model and a certified gyrotonic trainer. A life path full of passion, hard work, discipline and commitment to follow a dream. Her height, at 180cm is unusual for a Ballerina, but she didn’t let that get in her way and turned a weakness into strength…

Lia was born in Targu Mures, Transilvania (Romania) and started her education in her country at the National Ballet School in Cluj Napoca. At a very young age, Lia’s mother – running a Ballet School – sparked her passion and interest in dancing, by having her grow up in that atmosphere and watching in awe, as young Lia effortlessly performs and mimics the dancing, with the maturity of someone beyond her years. Her passion for dancing naturally grew into an inevitable and distinguished career and after receiving a scholarship at the Hungarian National Ballet Academy, she continued her studies in Budapest and participated in various ballet competitions in Austria, Hungary & USA - winning various prizes and accolades.
After her graduation performance at the Hungarian National State Opera, she received a contract with the Romanian National State Opera and danced as a soloist and guest soloist dancer in various classical companies: Deutsche Oper (Berlin), Friedrichstadtpalast, Balleto del Sud (Italy), Tivoli Theatre (Copenhagen) & the current principal dancer for the ‪Andrea Bocelli‬ World Tour. What makes her story even more remarkable, is that Lia was supposed to stop dancing at the age of 18 years, as a result of her scoliosis and like many other tall girls, was told that her height would count against her, but she remained undeterred and amidst the pain, became the dancer, teacher and choreographer that she is today.
Additionally, her work also included Fashion, Commercial and Show modelling, developing her own style as a soloist dancer and choreographer for various art, fashion and political events like Expo in Milano, ITB Tourism Borse with Chancellor Angela Merkel & Fashion Week openings, combining ballet and runway – with her ability to walk on pointe – all seamlessly integrated in her walk. Her fashion work includes brands like Hermes, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Escada, Mario Krankl and clients absolutely love her, as she brings her unique and creative skillset to the fashion world, with a touch of class and professionalism, that cannot be replicated.
Lia has also started branching out into the commercial side of modelling, as she speaks 7 languages, has very natural facial/physical expressions and able to take direction well, which overall translates to amazing on-camera performances for both television commercials and stills.